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When the company was just still a business idea, there were many uncertainties, but one thing was for sure - the intent to create the best removal company Ealing residents had ever been served by. It did seem a bit of a tall order at the time, but we put our heads together and took a good, long look at the removals industry as it was then and realized there was much left to be desired.

This gave us the chance to rearrange the way services were presented to customers, the way they were charged and the way the actual job was carried out. Pretty deep market commitment for a moving company in Ealing some said, but we kept forward and constructed a thorough, comprehensive and usable list of removal services that were affordable and actually served a purpose with our customers. Many people have been in a situation where they were quoted and paid for one thing and received something completely different or the service was burdened by additional costs and other marketing tricks. This is what we as a removal company wanted to avoid at all costs.

Now, our service list is perhaps one of the most competitive and reasonably priced in the city. We have extended it even further and have made additional improvements to the way we quote our customers, the way we estimate and carry out our work and we became the best removal company in Ealing. Customer support and satisfaction have been one of the utmost important aspects of our development, we wanted to create customer service that was adequate, responsive and punctual. Now we pride ourselves on the professional staff that works for us and the way they handle the business, there have been no delays or cancellations on our behalf, though city traffic is really straining our capabilities at times.

Another aspect of the job, we’re especially proud of is the complete and thorough service we provide, we say we are the best removal company in Ealing and we mean it. The service we provide extends and covers the entire job completely, customers can even have us pack and label the boxes or the items which are to be moved. We also wanted our customers to be serviced by friendly, courteous and experienced movers and we did our best to employ just the right people thus giving our customers the best help they can get.

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